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Whether it is helping people get over their fear of speaking, teaching them how to engage their audience, or helping them stop leaving money out there and start making a profit, I help my clients achieve the results they are looking for. I have helped my clients gain clarity about what they are speaking about, making the “big ask” when it comes to getting paid for speaking. I understand that these are not easy things to overcome, but I can help make them happen for you with my help. I want to get you to engage, impact, and empower. And I have the programs that will help you achieve your goals.

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Consultation Call

In order to start the process to achieve your goals, it all starts with the FREE 30-minute consultation call. This is where we find out exactly what your needs, wants, and goals are. I also want to find if we are a good match to work with each other. I want to make sure that you see and get the value that I am offering and to see if I can work with you and that you can work with me.

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My 4 hour Speak Up boot camp entails pre-work that will start you thinking about who your audience is, what message you are wanting to convey, how to engage your audience, even working through some of my profit strategies. You also will receive a one on one call with me after the boot camp ends which is important because I want to make sure that you are successful in reaching your goals.

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Eight Week Signature Plan

In my 8-week signature plan, we do all of the things offered in my boot camp, but we dive even deeper. The bar is set higher with this program. So you will get everything mentioned in the boot camp, plus more.

Including but not limited to creating your elevator pitch, cultivate your signature messaging, identifying your target audience, practicing your signature speech, creating your “big ask” email and phone call script, and more… You will also get a copy of my book and get booked to appear in a future episode on my Podcast where you will be able to sell yourself to a new audience.

I will even give you the tools that you need in your entrepreneur toolbox, which will put you in direct contact with the right people who will help you even further on your journey to creating your forever green business modules such as website designers, book publisher, editors, podcast host, marketing teams…Literally the list goes on and on. People call me the phone book of people. I know a lot of people in so many areas of business, and now you will have access to them as well.

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