I am Yolanda Yvette; I am a public speaking coach, motivational speaker, author, and podcast host. Not only do I have a passion for helping people, but it is also my purpose. I never knew that my purpose for helping people would be entwined with my passion, which is public speaking. Public speaking comes so easily to me, why most people fear it – I love it. I absolutely love talking in front of others and helping them. This is why when it comes to teaching my clients how to become an effective public speaker, it is easy for me, along with teaching them how to make a profit, because it all goes back to helping others.

I create an environment conducive to learning that is not robotic but fun and with a purpose. I provide results, accept excuses for why you “think” you cannot do something.

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There are three reasons why public speakers do captivate an audience and why that do not make a profit. They simple do not understand how to engage, impact, and empower their audience. Again, this is where I come in. I teach the importance of how to engage your audience, which this is so important because if you cannot connect with your audience you have lost them, and now you are wasting time, money, and it also will affect any future profits.

I show you how to impact your audience by making them feel as if they have to something to impress on the world to where they want to impact others. I teach you how to empower you audience, they should walk away with the sense of I can, rather than leaving with the same non understand they had before they heard you speak.


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